The questions for measuring the Human Resources management activities in the company have been always a subject for discussions and sometimes for disagreement between the top management of the company and HR professionals. These affect not only the measures, metrics and method for assessment, but also the impact and importance of the HR department in achieving company goals.

The employees and related with them activities are the other part of the company, except finance, that are subject of multiple internal and external investigations for legal regulations compliance, for consistency, for policies and ordinances, for available licenses and certifications, for productivity and quality, for competences and for many others. Only in the field of labor legislation and regulation there are 7 acts and codes, and 25 ordinances regulating the relations between the government, employers and employees. Multiple governmental and regional authorities possess almost unlimited rights to conduct planned, sudden and after incidents investigations if company complies with the labor legislation and requirements and  for the employment/labor conditions. The liabilities for the company if not meeting them are significant and might reach thousands of leva. From other hand, every company has its own internal and specific written and verbal rules, procedures, strategies and objectives that are subject of awareness, following and monitoring.

Despite of all mentioned above the preventive actions and systematical audits of the HR functions are rare. Also, the developed audit methodologies, assessing not only the compliance of the current state with internal and regulatory requirements, but measuring the results of improvements of HR policies, procedures and processes, are rare.