The main benefit of the HR audit is that it takes the HR to the next level – aligned with the company goals, strategy and business results.

The benefits that the company might have from an HR audit are many, but the most important of them are:

Benefits on strategic Level

  • Identifies HR department contributions in the company;
  • Makes the HR function business-driven and reveals ways to strengthen its impact on achieving Company results;
  • Ensures objective data and information needed for the Company strategic planning.

Benefits on operational level

  • Helps align HR goals to corporate strategy and goals;
  • Develops and improves professional image of the HR department;
  • Clarifies the HR department’s roles, duties and responsibilities, finds critical HR problems and reasons for low productivity;
  • Encourages for greater responsibility and professionalism among members of HR department, and for more self-confidence in HR function realization;
  • Stimulates identity and alignment of HR policies and practices  within the company;
  • Reduces HR costs, through encouraging function for more effective forecasting and planning.

Benefits on administrative level

  • Provides specific, measurable and verifiable data of the current state of the function;
  • Ensures timely compliance with legal requirements, company and mandated regulations, and professional standards;
  • Reviews employees files, records, registers and information;
  • Reviews HR information system.