In order to ensure the desired quality during the audit, Audit Advice Associates prepares a written action plan, including activities and steps, agreed with the client, personalized methodology for the audit and  assessment consistent with  client’s needs.

The first step is conducting structured initial interviews with the management to assess the current state of the HR strategy. The results are a base for informed decision from management for next steps and follow-up activities.

The second step is direct work with people from the HR department   in the Company and filling in structured questionnaires based on  Audit Advice Associates methodology. Using different audit methods, incl. interviews with other employees in the company, involved in HR processes, data and information are collected to verify facts, clarify circumstances, define processes and their bottleneck, identify roles, responsibilities and competencies.

Third stepThe output of the Audit Advice Associates experts work is an Audit Report. The goal of the report is to provide feedback for the efficiency, sufficiency and measurable data for all functions, policies, procedures, etc. agreed to be audited with the management. All our clients receive expert recommendations for improvements, approaches for their implementation and a follow-up evaluation of their effectiveness upon request.