JobTiger, with the partnership of our company – Audit Advice Associates and with ICT Media Group support, launched the National Engagement Survey 2018 (

Audit Advice Associates methodology has been successfully applied for the last 7 years in TOP ICT Employer survey in IT and BPO sectors. Our experience and collected information from the employee engagement surveys, make us confident that our methodology is reliable, as well as all results, regarding benchmarks in the sector and outcomes from the analysis of the human resources function and its strengths and weakness in the company, are valid.

We are supporting the theory, that the emgagement means „added value or  discretionary effort into employee’s work, which impacts company performance.“. Based on this, methodologically, we develop our survey in observing 18 engagement factors (drivers) and our questionairies are standardized and available on-line and/or hard copy.

We have upgraded our software, which give us the opportunity to provide the companies with different references and benchmarks by region and by industry.

There are no limitations for the companies to participate in the survey, except the requirement of 50 participants (respondents), in order the reliability of the results to be guaranteed. Companies with less than 50 employees are eligible to participate in the survey as well, but their results will be with higher tolerance for statistical error.