From the very beginning of the Top ICT Employer competition in 2012, the organizers, JobTiger and ICT Media, relied on Audit Advice Associates (AAA) for contest methodology establishment and development.

The methodology, developed by AAA, is based on employee engagement survey. Especially for the purpose of the competition was evolved and implemented a special scoring system for evaluating and comparing the results of individual companies. This system ensured a transparent, objective and fair approach to evaluate and compare the results between the companies, participating in the survey and identifying the top ICT employers in Bulgaria.

In 2014, the methodology was extended adding assessment of the action plan, prepared by the HR specialists and based on the results from the previous year. The purpose was to measure the proactivity of the companies in terms of their subsequent actions for improving employees’ engagement and their performance as a whole.

Above 100 companies were audited and 10 000 people filled in the questionnaires over the years. This data provides an excellent base for measuring the engagement state in ICT business sector in Bulgaria, as well as its development over the years.