We, Audit Advice Associates experts, consider the Code of Ethics as a compulsory stipulation in our work in the fields of audit and consultancy. Our business is laying on the foundation of the trust in our objective assessment, control and provided advices.

In our work we strictly apply following principle:

  • Confidentiality

We respect the ownership and value of the information we obtain during the auditing process and do not disclose any information without written authorization from the Company.

  • Competency

We possess all knowledge, skills and experience needed to accomplish the audit and apply them in each our project.

  • Objectivity

We guarantee objectivity without compromise in data collection, facts assessment and presentation of the information. Our judgment is balanced and includes all related evidences and is not influenced by our own or third party interests.

  • Respect

We believe that respect builds a trust and is created basis for reliability of the assessments.

For each project, our experts sign aNDA – NonDisclose Agreement for confidentiality, loyalty and integrity, provided by our clients or according our internal standards.