Audit Advice Associates is a consultancy company, offering independent expert assessment of the Human Resources function, its efficiency in achieving company strategy and performed activities against the company goals and business results.
What makes us unique is our audit expertise, emphasizing on measuring and evaluation of the impact of investments in miscellaneous company activities, and as a result of them – organization competitiveness in the market.
Our approach is based on the belief that each company is unique in terms of its business strategy, goals and methods for achieving them. Applying so called “best practices” is not always appropriate and/or not effective for every company. Rather, it is required “invested efforts”, recognized and goal-oriented, consistent with the whore Human Resources Management architecture that represents a set of all HR functions, systems and staff behaviors derives from them.  The “invested efforts” can add strategic value to the company, only if they are directly related with its goals, vision and values.
Audit Advice Associates carry out independent and expert evaluation of the Human Resources Management architecture that pursue the business performance of the company by its own criteria, measurements and measures. As a result of audit recommendations, the management can make informed decisions and plan activities to optimize and improve not only internal HR performance, but the overall company results and market competitiveness.