Audit Advice Associates was among the organizers and participants of the Business Leaders and HR Meetup discussion meeting which took place in late January 2017 in the town of Triavna.

First session of the meeting was devoted to the Employee engagement survey and connection of the main engagement factors (drivers) to the results of a Company. Audit Advice Associates presented its own methodology for the survey and summarized results for last 5 years.

Highlights of the presentation:

– Why employee engagement has more weight to the success and sustainability of a company than employee satisfaction;

– Leading factors of commitment and their dynamics according to the business sector, labor market and strategic objectives of the Company;

– How does the company’s management use the engagement survey results – “For information” or “For action”;

– What are the similarities between companies showing highest results in employee engagement;

These topics were the basis for fruitful discussions, sharing of opinions and discussing of real cases by participants